Welcome to the Funeral Celebrants Association Australia Inc.

Funeral Celebrants Association Australia (FCAA) Inc. is a not for profit, professional development, training and promotional support network for funeral celebrants across Australia.

Members of the FCAA adhere to a Code of Practice  and undertake ongoing professional development to increase their knowledge and skills. This is a requirement for membership. Please also see our Rules of Association.

FCAA celebrants know that planning a wonderful and fitting funeral or memorial service for a loved one can be daunting for family and friends who are dealing with their own grief. FCAA members are highly professional celebrants who meet with bereaved families and friends and provide guidance and support for them. The FCAA celebrant crafts and delivers a personalised funeral or memorial service that is dignified and respectful and honours the life of the deceased person. The celebrant liaises with the Funeral Director to ensure a quality service is delivered and is one that incorporates the wishes of the family.

Some Funeral Directors provide the services of a celebrant as part of their overall service, however FCAA celebrants are independent practitioners. The choice of funeral celebrant is the preserve of the family.

FCAA celebrants are available to assist individuals to plan their own funeral service and determine what readings, music, rituals or symbolism will be included in the service. This relieves family members of the decision making after death and ensures the individual’s needs are fully met. The celebrant will outline their services and fees and provide resources to assist decision making.  To establish a relationship with an FCAA celebrant see the Find a Funeral Celebrant page.

Community Guest Speakers.

Members of the FCAA are available to speak with community groups about funeral service choices and planning.

Benefits of membership.

Industry and peer support

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Regular e-newsletters

Attendance at regular forums with guest speakers and industry seminar opportunities

Attendance at annual professional development days and bi-annual conference.

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