Planning a wonderful and fitting funeral or memorial service for a loved one, is an art.  It is often daunting for family and friends, especially when each person is dealing with their own grief.

But generally, there is one thing family and friends have in common - they want a personal, fitting and professional funeral or memorial service for their loved one.

That’s where a professional funeral celebrant comes in.  The celebrant provides the guidance and support, and endeavours to fulfil your needs in crafting and delivering a personalised funeral or memorial service.

Yes! You can contact your own funeral celebrant direct.  They will outline their services, fees, meet and work with the family and the funeral director, to deliver a quality service for you, your family and friends.  See our Find a Funeral Celebrant page 

Members of the Funeral Celebrants Association Australia work to a Code of Practice and undertake ongoing professional development to maintain their membership status.

Alternatively, you may leave the selection of the funeral celebrant to the funeral director.  It’s important to note that there is no legal requirement for the funeral director to provide the celebrant services as part of their overall service.  The choice of celebrant is up to you!

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