Annette James

Annette James

Firstly, I’m sorry you need me.  This is never an easy time, but I will do all I can to try to make things easier for you. 

If you are looking for a perfect, relaxed and calm ceremony for your family member, I can help you. 

My families tell me they loved the way I cared for them, and helped them through their sad time.  They have told me that they are often in shock, not sure what to do and need guidance, and that I have made their time easier as we captured the true essence of the person that has passed.  They say that the people who attended the ceremony were able to remember the life of a person that has been so well lived - complete with anecdotes and stories that bring smiles and tears to their faces at the same time!

If you would like the service to be in a funeral home or the crematorium or cemetery, I am so very happy to help.  I will be caring and sensitive to your needs.

In saying that, funerals don’t need to be in churches or chapels – they can be anywhere you want them to be.  If your loved one loved being in a park, let’s have a very special memorial service in the most beautiful park in Melbourne.  If they loved the beach, golf, tennis or socialising, we can find the perfect place. 

Anything is possible.  I will listen to you with my heart and soul, and create a perfect ceremony for you.

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