Shay Zulpo

QLDSunshine Coast
Shay Zulpo

An ear to listen, a hand to hold, a heart to share, a friend who cares.

My life experiences, both professional and personal have equipped me well to work empathetically with you when you are experiencing your own time of loss and planning a goodbye to your loved one. The loss of someone special in your life is always a difficult and sometimes a traumatic time.

After my many years of working professionally in the area of grief and loss and having, like many of us, experienced loss and grief in my own life, I have learnt that the greatest gift I can give you at this time is to be your companion, to walk beside you, and to work with you to make the goodbye you are planning a unique, personalised and meaningful celebration of the life of the person you are farewelling.


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07 5447 0075
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Eumundi QLD 4562