Heather Matthews

Heather Matthews

My approach to conducting funeral/memorial services is with a warmth and compassion that I would hope a Celebrant would apply to a farewell for someone near and dear to me.

Whatever your spiritual, religious, or other beliefs might be, a fitting tribute that sensitively reflects on and celebrates the life of someone you love, is my priority.

Your sharing with me some of your precious memories, is a special privilege and will help me to honour your wishes as well as those of the beloved person whose physical presence you no longer enjoy. When this rich tapestry of thoughts and reflections is expressed through words, ritual, music, photos and stories of a loved one's life, the weaving together honours those who have died, and it enriches and comforts those who grieve.

Grieving allows us to heal

and as we do, we remember with love rather than pain

                                                   Saying farewell is your final gift of love. Together, let's make it a beautiful one.

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