Professional Development Program


The FCAA is committed to serving the public interest by helping to raise the effectiveness of celebrants’ services. This is done by promoting to members the development of their skills, an increase in their knowledge, and exposure to the public of an awareness of the role of the Funeral Celebrant.

Funeral Celebrants are not regulated by Government and are not required to be accredited by a Registered Training Organisation in order to practise as a celebrant. Therefore the FCAA requires members to demonstrate a commitment to developing and maintaining a high standard of service delivery by involvement in activities that advance their knowledge, skills or expertise.

The FCAA supports celebrant members to aspire to a high standard of service delivery by continually expanding their knowledge and skills.

The FCAA encourages experienced celebrants to mentor less experienced celebrants to ensure an overall high standing for members.


FCAA defines Professional Development as the acquisition of skills and knowledge for personal development and career advancement.

Continuing Professional Development is the means by which individuals maintain and increase the knowledge and skills related to their professional lives.

Professional Development Program

Each celebrant is encouraged to participate in an activity or activities that will enhance competence to practise. The activities will be selected to meet individual needs. Examples include:

Attendance at a formal training program or a series of forums or meetings where educational content is provided.

Assessment by a celebrant or funeral director, of a member officiating at funeral service/s, using the FCAA Assessment Form.

The submission of original text e.g. poetry to the newsletter or website.

The submission to the newsletter or website of an article of a review of a text about the Funeral Industry, or a review of a media program relevant to the Funeral Industry.

Professional Development Program Design

The program is designed to be achievable, easily understood, relevant to individuals irrespective of their experience and to provide feedback on benchmarks for celebrant members.

The program is designed to provide assurance to clients and associated industry participants that FCAA members actively engage in pursuits that enhance their service delivery.

Responsibilities of  FCAA members

All FCAA celebrant members will submit an Annual Return at the time of renewing membership that describes what the members have done in the previous year to develop or maintain their knowledge and skills. This is a requirement for continuing membership and listing of the member on the FCAA website.

Updated May 2018